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People's Panel Vox Pop May / June 2022

 Welcome to the latest People's Panel Vox Pop Survey.

This survey series helps us to explore the social attitudes of local people, and to explore our People's Panel findings in more depth, informing Hull City Council and its partners when they are making decisions that affect you.

All of your answers are confidential and will be reported anonymously - none of your answers will be tied back to you.

This survey closes on July 4 2022. It takes around 10 minutes to complete.

All completed People's Panel surveys will be entered into a prize draw if you leave your details at the end of this survey.

When you submit your completed survey, you will be taken to the Hull City Council consultations and survey page.

You can scroll down to feedback on a range of other local issues and to see the results of previous People's Panel, and People's Panel Vox Pop surveys.
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