Pathology Annual User Survey 2022                    

Thank You for completing the survey, a report will follow once all responses have been collected.

For further information or questions please forward these to the Pathology Quality Manager, Rebecca Sedman on email address,  

Q1How would you describe yourself?

How would you rate the communication from the Pathology department?

Q2Access to the Pathology Handbook.
Q3Quality of the Content within  the handbook.
Q4Ease of contacting the laboratory.  
Q5Quality of advice.
Q6Help in dealing with problems.
Q7Response to complaints.

How would you rate the following?

Q8Manual request form.
Q9ICE request form.
Q10Reported results layout.
Q11Test repertoire.
Q12Turnaround times
Q13Interpretive comments  
Q14Are you satisfied with the deputising service out of hours?

Would you agree or disagree with the following statements in relation to the Blood Transfusion Service?

Q15I am provided with satisfactory, relevant and up to date information.
Q16The turnaround times from the Blood Transfusion Service meet my clinical needs.
Q17I am familiar with the CDDFT major haemorrhage protocol so that I can act promptly in an emergency.
Q18Turnaround times for major haemorrhage product provision have been satisfactory.
Q19I am aware of the requirements for completion of Blood Transfusion Request Forms and always compete mandatory areas fully.
Q20I always positively identify my patients and label samples before moving away from the patient and understand that incorrectly/ insufficiently labelled samples will be rejected.

As a service provider, how well do you feel Pathology CDDFT delivers the following?

Q21Transport of samples.
Q22Turnaround times.
Q23Communication from the laboratories.
Q24Results delivery (electronic record)

Which aspects of the service are most important considerations when using our service?               Please score 1-6 (1 being most important 6 being least important )

Q25Cost of Tests.
Q26Turnaround times.
Q27Transport of samples.
Q28Communication with laboratories.
Q29Results delivery (electronic record).
Q30Analytical Processes.

Pathology provide services to screening programmes, if applicable to your service how would you rate the following?

Q31Reported results layout.
Q32Test repertoire.
Q33Turnaround times.
Q34Interpretive comments.
Q35Overall service received.
Q36How would you rate the overall service received by pathology?
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