Survey of Children & Young People's Social Prescribing in Wales

1. Information about this survey

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About this survey

Commissioned by Sport Wales and working with partners from across the sector, the national youth charity StreetGames is doing a rapid review of children and young people’s social prescribing in Wales. In addition to this survey, StreetGames is carrying out desk-based research and hosting two focus groups.  The report will be published in early April.  The review is covering all aspects of social prescribing but has a particular focus on sport and physical activity for children and young people.
What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing is a means of providing social, practical and emotional wellbeing support for people who are seeking a helping hand.  Generally, social prescribing has three connected components – a referrer, a link worker, and service providers.  The latter are often in the voluntary and community sector.  

How this works for children and young people: any frontline professional, like a GP, nurse, teacher or community safety officer, refers a young person to a community-based link worker. The link worker, through a process of one-to-one conversations, supports the child or young person to access a service or activity that meets their particular needs at that time.  Depending on their age, families, carers and schools may also be involved.  Activities may be social, such as sport or arts or the referral may be for practical support such as debt, employment or housing advice. The aim is to provide support and help close to home at the best time.
Why is this review needed? 

Social prescribing is happening at scale around Wales but almost exclusively for adults. Sport Wales wishes to understand the picture for children and young people. This includes understanding the scale of children and young people’s social prescribing, where it is happening, how it’s working, particularly in relation to sport and physical activity, and what the barriers and opportunities for growth might be.  
Who should take part in this survey?

Anyone working in any capacity with, on behalf of, or for the benefit of children and young people is invited to take part. If you are involved in commissioning, coordinating or delivering services of any kind for the social, emotional or physical wellbeing of children and young people anywhere in Wales, your views are welcomed and needed for this review.  Separate focus groups involving young people, parents and carers are also happening.
What is the survey format?

Most questions require tick-box answers only. Some questions allow you to tell us your views. We anticipate it will take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. You can leave the survey at any time, but your responses will not be saved. The survey will close on Thursday 18th March 2021 at midnight.
How will my data be used?

The data from this survey will only be used to inform the review. You will not be identified at any stage of data reporting and can choose to remain anonymous if you want to. You will have the option to provide contact details at the end of the survey and we can keep you informed about progress and developments.
Who can I contact about this?

If you have any questions before completing the survey, or about the review of Children and Young People’s Social Prescribing in Wales, please contact

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