Lancashire Pupil Attitude Survey 2020

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 Please enter your school's 4-digit DfE number. If you do not know this, please contact your school



 Where are you working from this week?
 In school all of the time At home all of the time In school some days, at home some days 


 Always Sometimes Not very often Never 
 I enjoy the school work I am doing    

 I know how to complete my school work    

 I can keep up with the amount of school work I have to do    

 It is easy to find time to do my school work at home    

 I know where to get help if I don’t understand my school work    

 I know how to keep safe online    
 Lots Some Not much None 
 I get feedback from my teachers about my school work    




 Always Sometimes Not very often Never 
 I am proud of the school work I have done in the last few weeks    

 The school work I have been given has been different and interesting    
 Lots of new things Some new things Not really anything new Nothing new 
 I have learnt new things in the last few weeks    
 I am not worried I don't worry much I worry a bit I am really worried 
 I worry about falling behind in my work    




 Lots of ideas Some ideas Not many ideas No ideas 
 My school has given me ideas about how to keep fit and healthy    
 Most days At least once a week Less than once per week Never 
 I take exercise to keep fit    
 Always Sometimes Not very often Never 
 I keep in touch with my friends when not in school    
 A lot Sometimes Not very often Never 
 I feel worried about things    




 Not at all worried Not really worried A bit worried Very worried 
 I worry about going in to school    
 Very excited A bit excited Not really bothered Not excited at all 
 After working mostly at home, I am excited about being in school    
 Definitely I think so Not Sure No 
 I feel that school is a safe place    

 If I worry about school I know there is an adult who will help me    


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