Child Poverty in Wales: Impact of COVID-19 Survey

Thank you for completing this survey. Please can you answer the questions on the following topics, giving examples where you can.


Food Insecurity

The Welsh Government has committed to extending Free School Meals to eligible pupils throughout the summer, which is very welcome.  The majority of local authorities are now providing cash payments to families but some LAs have retained the voucher system.  Evidence from recent surveys describes difficulties with accessing food shopping online, or visiting supermarkets with children and a surge in referrals for food parcels from food banks; the Trussell Trust have reported that there has been a 101% increase in food parcels given out for children in Wales, compared with the same period last year.
Q1Is Food Insecurity an issue for the children and families you work with?
Q4In the last week, have households with children done any of the following because they could not afford food:
 Yes No 
 Had smaller meals than usual or skipped meals  
 Been hungry but not eaten because of lack of food  
 Not eaten for a whole day  
Q5Since Lockdown are children eating ___________ fruit and vegetables than before lockdown.

Digital Inclusion

Evidence from research carried out by a number of organisations has revealed that access to electronic devices and pressures in the home environment is evident as a barrier to home learning.  Around a quarter of children have little or no IT access at home, resulting in poor engagement with remote learning.   This includes families having limited devices to access the internet, the costs of broadband or wi-fi and poor internet coverage.  Schools can give out laptops and tablets but it is not always clear how these are being distributed and to whom.  Research from UCL published most recently reveals that 14.6% of children in Wales engage in 4 or more hours per day learning off line but only 1.9% complete 4 or more hours of online lessons.
Q7Is Digital Inclusion an issue for the children and families you work with?

Income and Employment

According to Citizen’s Advice Cymru, 17% of the total workforce in Wales had been laid off, had their hours cut or made redundant as a result of COVID-19 and 7% have lost 80% of their household income.  Families have found difficulty accessing information on benefits and claiming online, some only to find they are ineligible because they cannot verify their ID or have no recourse to public funds.  BAME and migrant workers who work in low paid jobs, such as retail or hospitality, are more likely to become unemployed and may have no recourse to public funds.
Q12Is Income and Employment an issue for the children and families you work with?
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