Easter is a time to indulge in your favorite chocolate eggs and bunnies. In fact, 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced worldwide every year. That’s a lot of chocolate! But, how much history do you know about delectable chocolate and how it came to be a staple treat? Test your chocolate knowledge.

Q1How does chocolate grow?
Q2Where is 70% of the world’s chocolate grown?
Q3The Mayans and Aztecs, the first people to grow cacao trees, used cocoa beans not only to make delicious beverages, but also as:
Q4Xocolati, the Aztec Nahuatl word from which we get the word chocolate, translates to:
Q5Centuries ago, doctors used chocolate to treat:
Q6When did people start to consume chocolate in solid form (as opposed to liquid)?
Q7Which European country was the first to enjoy chocolate?
Q8In 1657, the first European chocolate shop opened in what city?
Q9In 1930, what type of chocolate was Nestlé the first to manufacture?
Q10Why is white chocolate white?
Q11How many cocoa beans does it take to produce one pound of chocolate?
Q12What is the oldest candy bar?
Q13What is the most sold chocolate bar in the world?
Q14When do people buy the most chocolate?
Q15What part of the chocolate Easter Bunny do most people eat first?

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