ICO call for views on a data protection and journalism code of practice


The Information Commissioner is calling for views on a data protection and journalism code of practice (the code).

The Data Protection Act 2018 requires the Commissioner to produce a code of practice that provides practical guidance and promotes good practice in regard to processing personal data for the purposes of journalism. Our intention is for the code to provide practical, pragmatic guidance for journalists on how to comply with data protection legislation, building on the detailed guidance that we have already produced for this sector.

This call for views is the first stage of the consultation process. The Commissioner is seeking input from relevant stakeholders, including media organisations, trade associations, data subjects and those representing the interests of data subjects. We will use the responses we receive to inform our work in developing the code.
The Information Commissioner welcomes feedback on the specific questions set out below. If you would like further information on the call for views, please read our blog post here, or email journalismcode@ico.org.uk.

The call for views will be open until
Monday 27th May 2019.

Privacy statement

For this consultation we will publish all responses except for those where the respondent indicates that they are an individual acting in a private capacity (e.g. a member of the public). All responses from organisations and individuals responding in a professional capacity (e.g. academics, freelance journalists, sole traders, legal professionals) will be published. We will remove email addresses and telephone numbers from these responses but apart from this we will publish them in full.
For more information about what we do with personal data please see our privacy notice.

Please note that we are using the platform Snap Surveys to gather this information. Any data collected by Snap Surveys for ICO is stored on UK servers. You can read their Privacy Policy here.

Section 1: Your views on the code

Q1We are considering using our current guidance "Data protection and journalism: a guide for the media” as the basis on which we will build the new journalism code. Do you agree or disagree with this approach?
Q3"Data protection and journalism: a guide for the media” is split into three sections:

·“Practical guidance” aimed at anyone working in the journalism sector;

·“Technical guidance” aimed at data protection practitioners within media organisations; and

·“Disputes”, aimed at senior editors and staff responsible for data protection compliance.

Do you think we should retain this structure for the code?
Q5Do you think the ICO’s existing guidance for journalists addresses the main areas where data protection issues commonly arise?

Section 2: About you

Are you?
Q11Are you?
Q12How did you find out about this survey?
Thank you for taking the time to share your views and experience.
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