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Helping out in your local community – benefits and blocks

We want to find out a bit more about people who give some of their time to help in their local communities. For example, some people may:
  - Organise a knit and natter group
  - Help out at a Stay and Play session
  - Coach a youth football team
  - Run a local choir
  - Be a key holder for a community building

We would like to know more about why people get involved with helping their local community and what might put others off doing so. In this survey, we call anyone who gives his or her time free to help out a ‘volunteer’.

It would be helpful if you could take a few minutes to answer some questions. All the information we gather will be treated confidentially –  information will be collected by Kirklees Council and only shared with Communities United Project and Third Sector Leaders. For more information take a look at our Privacy Policy.

 Do you currently volunteer?
 What do you think are the best things about volunteering? Please choose up to three things.
 Did you find it difficult to find a volunteering role that was right for you?
 If you did what were the difficulties? You can select as many as you like.