Your say on South Gloucestershire Council's budget and tax for 2019 - 2020

South Gloucestershire Council is responsible for a range of services in your local area, such as refuse collection, education, social care services and road maintenance. The council tax paid by residents currently makes up 26% of the Council's budget for these services, so we're keen to get your views on how we can make the best use of our budget and give you even better value for money.

Please complete this survey by 31st December 2018

What do you think of our services?

Q1In considering our questions, please think about the range of services South Gloucestershire Council provides to the community as a whole, as well as the services your household uses.

Thinking about services you have
used in the last year, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with each of the following services provided or supported by South Gloucestershire Council?
 Not used Very satisfied Quite satisfied Neither satisfied or dissatisfied Fairly dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Don't know 
 Care for older people       
 Care for physically disabled and those with learning difficulties       
 Children's social services       
 Customer services       
 Environmental health and trading standards       
 Housing advice services       
 Highways and roads       
 Local bus services       
 Parks and open spaces       
 Public Health (not including NHS services)       
 Sport and leisure facilities       
 Waste and recycling services       
 Welfare benefits and council tax reduction for which the council is responsible        
 Free car parking       

The Council Transformation and Savings Programme

Now in their ninth year of national austerity measures, all local authorities are continuing to experience new levels of constraints on spending, alongside increasing demand for some of their services. To balance the books local authorities must continue to review what they do and how they do it.

South Gloucestershire Council has a successful track record of delivering more than £81m savings up to 2018/19. Through early planning and carrying out a range of efficiency measures, the council has protected frontline services and minimised the impact of spending reductions. Given the learning and experience the council has gained over many years, the council intends to follow the same procedures for additional savings required over the next few years.

To reduce the continually increasing gap between our available resources and our expenditure, we need to make further reductions in spending. We have identified a provisional savings target of £21.7m by 2021/22 with an additional £10m of savings potentially required in 2022/23.

Savings of this level would involve continued changes to our role and the services we provide. We are becoming a smaller council, and we continue to review our priorities to make sure our more limited resources are focused on our ‘core’ activities

The next year

Meeting our proposed plan of continued savings would require finding potential savings of £8.3m in 2019/20.  
Q2Looking at the information in the consultation document, how do you feel about the proposed amount of savings by department?
 Far too little Slightly too little About right Slightly too much Far too much Don't know 
 Children, Adults & Health (£4.5m or 3.6% of department budget)      
 Environment & Community Services (£1.7m or 3.9% of department budget)      
 Chief Executive & Corporate Resources and Central Items (£2.0m or 4.5% of department budget)      
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