Erewash Borough Council
2018-2022 Closed Circuit TV
Strategy Survey


Due to pressures on budgets and making sure we use our money wisely, we are having to make difficult choices about which services to prioritise. The council knows from previous consultation that crime, anti-social behaviour, and the fear of these, are top concerns for residents and visitors to the borough. One of the ways that we try and make our borough a safe place, where people have pride and chose to live, work and play, is through the provision of Closed Circuit Television cameras (CCTV) in our key locations.

Our current system has 70 fixed and 4 re-deployable cameras across 3 locations; 39 in Ilkeston, 31 in Long Eaton and 4 in Sandiacre. We recently upgraded the hardware (the recording equipment, viewing rooms and half of the cameras) in 2014 at a cost of £256,000. In addition the system costs £45,000 in upkeep and maintenance each year. The system is monitored by volunteers for approximately 40 hours per week at two viewing sites; one in Ilkeston and one in Long Eaton Police Stations. The times of monitoring are directed by Derbyshire Police as being 'key-periods' covering hotspots.  

CCTV is not a statutory requirement (a service that the council legally needs to provide). In order to continue to provide non-statutory services, we must show value for money and the impact that it is having on local residents and visitors to the borough. In relation to CCTV, this is the way residents and visitors feel CCTV helps deter, prevent and detect crime and anti-social behaviour. As part of this, the council is developing a new CCTV strategy to shape the future provision and as part of this is seeking your views to help formulate this.

Please take few moments to complete this survey before 1145pm Friday 20 October 2017. All your feedback is confidential and stored securely.

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