Page 1/8 Salary Survey 2017
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Entry Requirements

  To participate in this survey you need to be working  
* in the UK or Ireland
*for a Book or Journal Publisher (including Learned and Professional Societies) or Literary Agency, in either a print or digital role
* AND should be a salaried member of staff, either permanent or in a fixed term contract/internship of 6 months or longer (full time or part time).

Personal Details

Q.1Are you?
Q2Which best describes your ethnic group? (Classifications are based on the ONS recommendations).
Q3What is your age?
Q4Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

Your Career

Q5How long have you worked in publishing?
Q6How long have you been in your current job?
Q7Are you a permanent employee or are you on a fixed term contract?
Q8Where is the location of the office from which you mainly work? (If you work from home, the location of the office you are tied to).
Q9How long is your daily commute to work, (a single journey) from your home to the office?
Q11At what level did you finish your formal education? Please choose one only.
Q12Do you still have a student loan that you are repaying?
Q14Did you complete a Masters (MA, MLitt, Msc) in publishing?

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